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Twitter Linking in Public Beta

November 18, 2022

We're excited to release Twitter account linking as a public beta! You can opt-in by going to the 'Feature Preview' tab on your account dashboard. As always we've made performance improvements and bug fixes.

What's New

  • Added linking Twitter accounts.
  • Fixed an issue causing YouTube Shorts profile links to not work.
  • Added accessibility labels to some areas.
  • Added account profile pictures to YouTube and Twitter account dropdowns.
  • Added a progress bar when navigating to a page that takes longer to load.
  • Improved the loading speed of analytics when loading 1,000 data points or less.
  • Fixed an issue where analytics would be incomplete when loading more than 1,000 data points.
  • Improved compatibility with some browser extensions.
  • Improved homepage.
  • Fixed an issue causing chart tooltips to not load more than 24 days.
If you'd like to report issues or provide feedback, you can contact the development team here or join our official Discord. Thank you so much for helping us improve OneProfile.