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Promotion Codes

January 28, 2023

We've added promotion codes! We will be running various promotions in the future, and you can use promotion codes to get discounts on your subscription. Twitter is now out of beta, and we've made some other improvements.

What's New

  • Each user will have a random color assigned to their default profile picture.
  • Fixed an issue causing adding a payment method to sometimes be hidden.
  • Improved overall stability and performance.
  • Added promotional codes.
  • Added a roadmap page.
  • Improved loading performance of changelog page.
  • Fixed an issue causing retweets to not display attachments.
  • Videos will now be shown in Twitter embeds.
  • Moved Twitter out of beta.
  • Improved onboarding page.
  • If no profile picture is selected, your YouTube profile picture will be used if connected.
If you'd like to report issues or provide feedback, you can contact the development team here or join our official Discord. Thank you so much for helping us improve OneProfile.